About the brand

Taljé refers to the waistline (taille in french). The centre point of a female body.


Taljé is founded in 2021 by influential style icon Anouk Yve. With her innate eye for aesthetics and commitment to authenticity, she inspires hundreds of thousands of women on a daily basis. Originating from her influential presence in the fashion sphere, her journey began with her expertise in the bag and leather industry only at the age of 22. Anouk Yve's transition into the realm of luxury accessories with Taljé reflects her unwavering commitment to timeless style. Not attracted to seasonal trends often displayed in the fashion circuit, Anouk sets herself apart from other visionaries with her focus on “the longterm feeling.”


"The things I wear are built on making me feel good and confident. I believe in the importance of personifying your living space with carefully selected objects and accessories. To me a belt is one of the most personal accessories you can own. It adds contrast and silhouette to a look, it can make an old jeans look new, it can add power and masculinity. It can bring personality in an outfit. It's a strong accessory - a focal point - to use and make impact." - says Anouk Yve.

Our belts are created in our atelier in the Netherlands and produced in Italy, where our production team sit side by side with craftsmen to work out how each new design can be shaped using the finest leathers and handmade buckles. Experience unparalleled craftsmanship and quality with our handmade belt collection.


what comes around goes around

The impact of adding a belt, inspired us to create minimalistic, timeless belt designs; as an ode to the woman and her waistline. A centerpiece in a modern wardrobe. Follow Taljé on Instagram to see how our team are styling and wearing our belts in daily outfits.