Having a  timeless wardrobe filled with practical and versatile quality pieces is key for the multitasking modern woman. She wants effortless elegance with a sustainable approach to garments. 

We believe a quality minimalistic leather belt is much like a piece of jewelry. A belt has the ability to instantly change the silhouette and appearance of an outfit. Or how we like to say it: it ties your look together. 

The impact of adding such contrast, inspired us to create minimalistic, timeless belt designs; as an ode to the woman and her waistline.  

Taljé is founded by style influencer Anouk Yve Bos. 

Our belts are created in the eastern part of The Netherlands, where Anouk sits side by side with craftsmen to work out how each new design can be realised using the finest leathers and handmade buckles produced in Italy. 

The art of womens belt making redefined.