The best way to determine your belt size is to measure a belt you already own. Start the tape measure at the second of the five holes and measure to where it meets the buckle. You should round to the nearest centimeter. If you measure 85 centimeters, you will need a size 85. In general you can follow the following confection sizes. * Our Newport belt runs 2 cm smaller. The fifth and far most hole measures 90 cm, while the second whole counts 73 cm instead of 75 cm. 

Indication sizes

XXS/XS  65 cm   jeans size 23, 24

S            75 cm   jeans size 25, 26, 27

M           85 cm   jeans size 27, 28, 29

L.           95 cm   jeans size 30, 31, 32


IMPORTANT: If you wish to style our belts with a blazer or a coat to add contrast, size one size up from your normal belt size. We also see that if you prefer to wear your belt on the hips instead of waist (in the middle), we advise you to take one size up).