Finding the right belt size can be difficult. Let us help you to find your best size. First it's important to understand our sizing in general. Let's explain: Our belt makers use the third hole to indicate the belt size. Let's take size 75 as an example. We measure where the buckle meets the leather up to the third hole. When you measure yourself you will read we measure 75 centimeters, hence the 75 which indicates the belt size.

Now let's start measuring your best belt size

  1. grab a measure tape.

  2. place your measure tape in your favorite pair of jeans or trousers right where you would prefer to wear your belt.

  3. and read the centimeters at closing. 

All our belts have 5 holes, which means you have a 10 centimeter leeway. If you for example measure 83 centimeters, size 85 is your belt size.

Size 75 choose this size if you measure between 70 and 80 centimeters
Size 85 choose this size if you measure between 80 and 90 centimeters
Size 95 choose this size if you measure between 90 and 100 centimeters
Size 105 choose this size if you measure between 100 and 110 centimeters


Some of our belts run bigger or smaller. Please read the sizing on the product pages carefully before ordering. If a belt size is different from our normal size, we will indicate this on the specific product page. 

It sometimes happen you have an in-between size if you find yourself on the border between two sizes. If you are afraid size 75 is too small and a 85 too big, we advise our clients to order the 85. Most of the shoemakers can make an extra hole free of charge, ask for a 4mm hole. It's just a thought we want to address to avoid expensive returns. 

If you still feel you need to have assistance with finding your right belt size, please do not hesitate to email us using the following email address:

Happy measuring


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