Leather and suede are natural materials with their own properties. In time, the leather will become more supple. To ensure that your product will have a long lifespan, we recommend you to treat your product with a leather and suede protector spray. 
  • If the leather should start to look dry, use a damp cloth and apply a small amount of natural leather balm to add conditioning. 
  • Dirt can be removed from suede by carefully brushing the material with a suede brush, avoid suede from becoming wet. If it does comes in contact with water make sure to dry your belt at room temperature. 
  • Leather needs breathing, store your belt in Taljé's box in the dust bag for optimum lifespan. 
  • Because leather is a natural material, small deviations may occur in the material. 


what comes around goes around

The impact of adding a belt, inspired us to create minimalistic, timeless belt designs; as an ode to the woman and her waistline. A centerpiece in a modern wardrobe. Follow Taljé on Instagram to see how our team are styling and wearing our belts in daily outfits.