These terms and Conditions apply to all offers, agreements and other statements under which Taljé B.V  (“Taljé”) delivers Products to the Customer, except where specified otherwise in writing by Taljè.


Article 1: Definitions

In this general term and conditions of Talj (“Term and Conditions”) words, abbreviations and expressions written with a capital letter have the meanings given in article 1.3 of these Term and Conditions or the meaning given in the Agreement.

The word “including” shall mean including without limitation or prejudice to the generality of any description, definition, term or phrase preceding that word, and the word “include” and its derivatives shall be construed accordingly.

  1. “Consumer”: means the natural person not being a natural person who is acting in the exercise of a professional business
  2. “Customer”: means the business entity or natural person or natural person, being a natural person who is acting in the exercise of a profession or business, that enters into an Agreement with Taljé or plans to buy the Products of Taljé
  3. “Taljé” a trade name of Taljé B.V. a limited company under the laws of the Netherlands registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 87612399.
  4. “Parties”: Taljé and Customer.
  5. “Products”: all goods sold by Taljé through their webshop:
  6. “Website”:

Article 2: Offers

  1. All offers, propositions, proposals, discounts on the Website and other expressions of Taljé are optional and non-binding, unless stated otherwise in writing by Taljé.
  2. The Customer shall guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information that it submits to Taljé and on which Taljé bases its offer.
  3. Taljé is not bound by its offer, if Customer should have understood that the offer or part thereof contains an apparent mistake or writing error.
  4. Offers and proposals by Taljé do not automatically apply for future orders.
  5. If Taljé sends an offer, price list or brochure Taljé is not bound to deliver or accept an order.
  6. All offers and promotions are not combinable with other discounts or discount codes. 

Article 3: Order Acceptance/ Conclusion of Agreement

  1. An order/agreement by Customer will come into force at the date Taljé confirms the order in writing or via e-mail, as far as none of the exceptions in this Article apply.
  2. Taljé reserves the right not to accept your order in the event, for example, that we are unable to obtain authorization for payment, that shipping restrictions apply to a particular item, that the item ordered is out of stock or does not satisfy our quality control standards and is withdrawn.
  3. Taljé reserves the right to cancel any order prior to dispatch should we find that the price is incorrect. In such case we will notify Customer by email and give you the option to place a new order for the correct price. If we are unable to contact you, your order will automatically be cancelled.
  4. An order confirmation by Taljé is considered to be an accurate and complete representation of the order. If Taljé starts, delivery of the Products, or sends an invoice, these acts are considered to be of equal status as an order confirmation.
  5. If Customer, not being a Consumer, does not contest the order confirmation within eight (8) days in writing or via e-mail Customer is bound by this confirmation.
  6. The Customer shall guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information that it submits to Taljé at the time of the order. Taljé is not liable for any damages as a result of information provided by the Customer which is not complete or accurate.

Article 4: Delivery

  1. Taljé will deliver the order Products at the address Customer has provided to Taljé.
  2. The Products will be at the own account and risk from the moment Customer has received the Products.

Article 5: Delivery period or date

  1. Taljé will try based on a best effort obligation to deliver the Products within two (2) to seven (7) business days from the order confirmation in Europe. Any delivery date or term named or agreed by Taljé are determined by Taljé based on their best knowledge and the information available at the moment of the confirmation of the order. A delivery date or period is never a strict delivery period or term and cannot be construed as a deadline, resulting in the liability of Taljé for any damages incurred by Customer.
  2. If the Product due to any delay in delivery cannot be delivered in whole within seven (7) business days also not in whole within a period of twenty-one (21) days from the order confirmation Taljé will notify the Customer and the Customer has the right to terminate the order without costs and without being liable to Taljé. After termination Taljé will pay back any amount already paid by the Customer.
  3. In the case Parties do agree to a strict delivery term or deadline Taljé in no case will be in default than after Taljé has failed to adhere to a notice of default containing a reasonable term to still comply with the order.
  4. Taljé is entitled to partial delivery, unless explicitly agreed otherwise by Parties in writing or the nature of the order does not provide for partial delivery. In case of partial delivery the invoice for the partial delivery must be paid according to the payment conditions on the invoice, unless Parties explicitly agreed otherwise in writing.

Article 6: Price and Payment

  1. All prices on the Website and order confirmation and on any documentation or correspondence are in Euro and include any Value Added Tax (VAT).
  2. Unless stated otherwise Customer must pay any amounts due within seven (7) days of the date of the order confirmation.
  3. Taljé is entitled to ask Customer for a payment in advance. The delivery of Products will not commence before Customer has paid the advanced payment according to article 8.2. In the case Customer is a Consumer Taljé is not entitled to ask for advance payment of more than fifty (50%) percent.
  4. If Customer contests the invoice, he must file the protest against the invoice within seven (7) days after the date of the invoice and mention the reasons for his protest clearly and in full. If the Customer does not protest against the invoice within the aforementioned term, he is considered to have accepted the invoice.
  5. If the Customer fails to pay the amounts due or to pay the amounts due in a timely manner, Customer is due, in the case of a Consumer only after receiving a demand or notice for payment from Taljé to pay the outstanding amount within fourteen (14) days, the statutory (commercial) interest and Taljé may charge all the out-of-court expenses in addition to the total amount du. In the case the Customer is a Consumer only the statutory out-of-court expenses can be charged by Taljé with a minimum of EUR 40,-.
  6. Taljé is entitled to suspend/postpone delivery of Products until the moment Customer has paid any outstanding amount, including interest and costs, in full.
  7. Price increases within three (3) months of the order confirmation/conclusion of agreement are only allowed if they are a direct result of Dutch law or regulations.
  8. Taljé is allowed to increase the prices after three (3) months after order confirmation/conclusion of agreement if they are a direct result of Dutch law or regulations. In this case the Customer has the right to terminate the order/agreement on the date the price increase is effective. 

Article 7: Cancellation Right Consumers

  1. Consumer has the right in case of a online buy at the Website to terminate the agreement/order without reason (“Cancellation Right”)within a reflection period (“Reflection Period”) of fourteen (14) days after receiving the Product (. Taljé has the right to ask for the reason of cancellation, but Consumer cannot be obliged to provide the reason.
  2. If Taljé does not provide Consumer with the by law prescribed information about the Cancellation Right or does not provide Consumer with the model withdrawal form for the execution of the Cancellation Right the Reflection Period will end twelve (12) months after the reflection period stated in Article 7.1.
  3. If Taljé provides Consumer with the in article 7.2 mentioned informat and/or model withdrawal form within twelve (12) months after the start date of the original Reflection Period, the Reflection Period will end fourteen (14) days after the Consumer receives the information and/or the model withdrawal form.
  4. Article 7.1 is also applicable on Customers, not being a Consumer.

Article 8: Obligations of Consumer during the reflection period

  1. Consumer will take good care of the Product and the packaging during the reflection period. Consumer will only unwrap and use the Product to the extent necessary to assess the nature, features and functioning of the Product. The starting point for the assessment by Consumer is the inspection  Consumer would perform if buying the Product in a physical store.
  2. The Consumer is only liable for the devaluation of the Product which is the direct result of improper use beyond the use permitted in article 8.1.
  3. The Consumer is not liable for any devaluation under article 8.2 if Taljé has not provided the required information about the Cancellation Right before or at the moment of conclusion of the agreement.
  4. Article 8.1 and article 8.2 are also applicable on Customers, not being a Consumer.

Article 9: Performance of Cancellation Right Consumer

  1. If Consumer makes use of his Cancellation Right he has to notify Taljé within the reflection period using the model withdrawal form or by means of another unambiguously/ clear statement to:
  2. As soon as possible, but within fourteen (14) days after the day following the notification mentioned in Article 9.1 Consumer will send the Product back to:
    Green Logistics, T.a.v. Taljé Return Webstore, Albert Harkemaweg 66, 9831 TA Aduard
    Taljé has a service and return policy. 
  3. In any case the Consumer has returned the Product on time if he sends back the Product back before the end of the Reflection Period.
  4. The Consumer returns the Product back with all the delivered accessories, including but not limited to the attached seal and tag, and in original state and packaging, conform the reasonable and clear instructions of Taljé via our return partner Returnless.
    The risk and onus of proof for the timely and accurate execution of the Cancellation Right rest with the Consumer.
  5. Consumer bears the costs for return of the Product to Taljé
  6. This article is also applicable on Customers, not being a Consumer.

Article 10: Cancellation Right: obligations Taljé

  1. If Taljé receives the notification mentioned in article 9.1 Taljé will promptly confirm the cancellation in writing or via e-mail.
  2. Taljé will refund all payments made by Consumer to Taljé in relation to the cancellation of the Product and will also refund any delivery costs charged to Consumer for the Product, within fourteen (14) days of the notification of the cancellation. Taljé has the right to suspend payment until Consumer provides proof that the Product has been sent back to Taljé.
  3. Repayment by Taljé will be done by the same payment method used by Consumer, unless Consumer agrees to another payment method. Repayment will be fulfilled without costs for the Consumer.
  4. If delivery of the Product by Taljé has been done by a more expensive form of delivery than the cheapest standard delivery, Taljé does not have to repay the additional costs above the basic costs.
  5. This article is also applicable on Customers, not being a Consumer.  Article 11 Retention of title and rights
  6. All Products delivered to the Customer shall remain the property of Taljé until such time as all amounts owed by Customer to Taljé pursuant to the Agreement have been paid in full.
  7. All rights under this article are transferred to Customer under the condition Customer pays the agreed amounts on time and in full.

Article 11: Force Majeure

  1. Taljé shall not be obliged to meet any obligations, including any guarantee obligation agreed between the Parties, and will not be liable for any damages, if it is prevented from meeting its obligations as a result of force majeure. Force majeure shall include:

    a situation of force majeure encountered by Taljé own Suppliers, failure by secondary Suppliers engaged by Taljé on the Customer’s instructions to duly meet their obligations, the defectiveness of items, hardware, software or materials provided by third Parties that Taljé has been instructed to use by the Customer, government measures, electricity failure, faults affecting the internet, computer network or telecommunication facilities, war, workload, strike action, general transport problems and the unavailability of one or more members of staff.

  2. If a situation of force majeure lasts for longer than ninety (90) days, either of the Parties shall be entitled to terminate the Agreement in writing, without being liable to the other Party. Customer is not entitled to suspend or postpone the payment of any Products already delivered by Taljé and Taljé will in case necessary send an invoice to Customer for these Products.

Article 12: Warranty

  1. The delivered Products are considered to meet the specifications agreed upon by Parties in the agreement/ order, unless Customer proofs otherwise. In any case the Products will be fit for normal use upon delivery.
  2. Customer has the obligation to inspect the Products upon delivery. Customer has the obligation to research the quantity and/or quality of the Products and to research if the quantity and/or quality meet the agreed requirements under the agreement/order.
  3. If Customer is of the opinion the delivered Products do not meet the agreed requirements, he must notify Taljé in writing and with all the relevant details within fourteen (14) days after the Customer has or reasonable should have discovered the defects/shortcomings in the Products. The notification of Customer must include proof that the delivered Products do not meet the agreed requirements.
  4. Customer will upon first request by Taljé send the defect Product to Taljé by emailing and follow our instructions. 
  5. Customer will at all time take good care of the defect Products and in the case Customer has to send the Products back will take care of sufficient Packaging to avoid additional damages.
  6. Customer not being a Consumer is not entitled to suspend or postpone payment of the delivered Products. 

Article 13: Intellectual Property

  1. All intellectual property rights provided by Taljé under the agreement to the Customer including but not limited to trademarks, patents, copyrights, design rights, trade secrets, logo’s, software, source codes, data files, hardware or other materials such as analyses, designs, documentation, reports, quotations and related preliminary material developed shall remain exclusively vested in Taljé, its licensors or its Suppliers. The Customer shall only acquire those rights of use that are explicitly granted in the agreement/order, these Term and Conditions and by law. Any rights of use granted to the Customer shall be non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-assignable to third Parties and non-sub licensable.

Article 14: Liability

  1. The total liability of Taljé due to an attributable failure to perform the agreement/order or due to any other reason, explicitly including any failure to comply with a guarantee obligation agreed with the Customer, shall be limited to compensation for direct damages not exceeding the sum of the agreement/order  (excl. VAT in the case Customer is not a Consumer) or part of the agreement/order (for example the relevant defect Product of Customer) from which the liability of Taljé derives from.
  2. Taljé is not liable for incorrect use of the delivered Products by Customer or for use of the delivered Products for a purpose which the Product or Service is not suitable for.
  3. Except where performance by Taljé is permanently impossible, Taljé shall only be liable as a result of an attributable failure to perform an Agreement if the Customer gives Taljé immediate notice of default in writing, setting a reasonable term in which the breach can be remedied, and Taljé still attributable fails to meet its obligations after this period. The notice of default must contain as comprehensive and detailed a description of the breach as possible, in order to ensure that Taljé has the opportunity to respond adequately.
  4. A condition for the existence of any right to compensation shall in all cases be that the Customer notifies Taljé in writing of the loss or damage as soon as possible after it occurs, but no later than one (1) month after the establishment of the damage by the Customer. Any claims for damages against Taljé shall expire by the mere passage of twelve (12) months from the date on which the claim arose.
  5. The exclusions and restrictions to Taljé’ liability, as described in the preceding paragraphs of this article, shall not affect the remaining exclusions and restrictions to Taljé’ liability set out in these Term and Conditions in any way.
  6. The exclusions and restrictions referred to in this shall no longer apply if and in so far as the loss is the result of intentional acts or deliberate recklessness on the part of Taljé, it’s management or employees.

Article 15: Privacy, data processing and security

  1. Taljé treats all personal data (data which direct or indirect leads to the identification of a natural person) according to the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act (Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens). Read Taljé’s privacy policy here. 
  2. If Taljé is obliged to provide some form of information security, this security shall meet the specifications in respect of security agreed between the Parties in writing. If the agreement does not include an explicit description of security measures, the security measures shall be of such a level that, having regard to the state of the art, the sensitivity of the data and the costs associated with the implementation of the security measures are not unreasonable.
  3. All personal data provided by the Customer will only be used by Taljé for the performance of the agreement/order including these Terms and Conditions and will only be provided to third Parties if necessary for the performance of the agreement/order and the goals agreed therein.
  4. Taljé takes reasonable care to make their website secure. All credit/debit card transactions on this site are processed using Shopify and its secure online payment gateway that encrypts your card details in a secure host environment. If you are a registered Taljé user, we will securely store your credit/debit card details on our systems. These details will be fully encrypted and only used to process card transactions which you have initiated.
  5. To help ensure that your shipping experience is safe, simple, and secure, Taljé uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. Furthermore, we take reasonable care, in so far as it is in our power to do so, to keep the details of your order and payment secure, but in the absence of negligence on our part we cannot be held liable for any loss you may suffer if a third party procures unauthorized access to any data you provide when accessing or ordering from the Site.

Article 16: Termination for breach

  1. Both of the Parties shall only be authorized to rescind the Agreement as a result of an attributable failure to perform this Agreement if the other Party, in all cases following written notice of default providing as many details as possible and setting a reasonable term in which the breach can be remedied, attributable fails to meet its fundamental obligations arising from this Agreement. The Customer’s payment obligations and all other obligations to cooperate imposed on the Customer or on a third Party to be engaged by the Customer shall in all cases be regarded as fundamental obligations arising from the Agreement.
  2. Either of the Parties shall be entitled to terminate the Agreement in part or in full, with immediate effect, in writing without notice of default if the other Party is granted a moratorium of payments, provisionally or otherwise, if a winding-up petition is filed in respect of the other Party, if the other Party’s company is wound up, th bankruptcy ot the other Party’s company is declared or the other Party’s company is terminated for reasons other than reconstruction or the merger of companies, or if there is a change in the individual or board that has decisive control over the Customer’s company. Taljé shall under no circumstances be obliged to reimburse any sums of money that have already been received or to pay any compensation in the event of such termination.

Article 17: Term and Conditions

  1. All offers, agreements and other statements under which Taljé will deliver Products to the Customer shall be subject to these General Terms & Conditions, except where specified otherwise in writing by Taljè. All offers or statements by Taljé are not binding for Taljé, except where specified otherwise in writing by Taljé.
  2. Additions to or deviations from these Terms and Conditions shall only apply where agreed in writing between the Parties.
  3. Customer agrees to our Terms and Conditions upon placing an order for the delivery of Products with Taljé. Taljé has the right to alter, modify, change the Term and Conditions. The altered Term and Conditions will apply to the following order by Customer.
  4. The applicability of any of the Customer’s purchasing Term and Conditions or any other Term and Conditions is expressly rejected, unless agreed otherwise by Taljé in writing.
  5. If Taljé makes use of a third party for the execution of the agreement, for an example the delivery of Products, these Term and Conditions are applicable.
  6. If any provision of these Term and Conditions is null and void or is voided, the other provisions of these Term and Conditions will remain fully in effect. In this case, Taljé and the Customer will consult with one another to agree new provisions to replace the void or voided ones. In doing so, the purpose and meaning of the void or voided provision will be taken into account as far as possible.

Article 18: Applicable law and disputes

  1. The Agreements between Taljé and Customer are governed by Dutch law. The applicability of the Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods 1980 is excluded.
  2. Any disputes that may arise between Taljé and Customer on the basis of an agreement concluded between Taljé and Customer or as a result of further agreements that arise from such an agreement, shall be will exclusively be brought before the competent civil court in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
  3. The Consumer has in deviation from article 19.2 the right to bring any dispute between Parties before the competent civil court.

Article 19: Taxes and duties

  1. All countries within the European Union are shipped on DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) basis, which means that taxes and duties are included in the final price. Important: Some countries outside the European Union, e.g. the United States and the United Kingdom, require an import duty payment upon arrival of your order. Taljé does not reimburse these costs.

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